About us


To find meaningful products for people to look and feel fabulous.



Striving to source labels that offer high-end sustainable and ethically made fashion and have these labels in every woman’s wardrobe.



One of the things I loved about running a business, whether it's in hairdressing or in fashion, was making my Clients feel good about themselves and seeing their smiles when they walked out of the store.


I chose to study hairdressing at 16 and worked hard at it for three decades. With great mentoring and further study, I learned my craft and learned a lot about people. After gaining their trust, I heard many stories and shared in their tears and joys. You know what they say about hairdressers – they become their Clients’ unofficial therapist!


 As a high-end hair salon owner, I really enjoyed working with my team.  Respecting their individuality and letting them be authentic was one of the strengths of my salon. As a team, being good listeners and helping our Clients achieve the result they were looking for was the reason for our high client retention. I’ve looked after over 25,000 clients and have taken pleasure with each one. It was an incredible period of my professional career, but I wanted to live another dream. In 2021, I started my new business, Willow Living.


Willow Living encompasses so many pleasures I have had with fashion! We all know that the right type of clothing you wear not only makes you look great, but it can really lift your mood. Style and comfort are the driving force behind the fashion labels I source for Willow Living.


From my hairdressing experiences, I’ve learned a lot about skin tones, eye colouring, face shapes and body shapes, and can recommend colours and styles that suit the individual. 


At Willow Living, when customers walk into our light and beautiful store, I would like them to experience that they feel when they are in Noosa or Sorrento. My Homeware selections are also chosen with the same objective.


Supporting Australian designers and small businesses is important to me, too. We have so much talent here, and I’m very proud to have them featured at Willow Living.


The future will write the rest of this story.


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Thanks for reading!

Xxx Ange